PAOLA SIMEONE is an artisanal handbag brand founded in 2017 in the heart of Verona.

L’etica del progetto è quella di reinterpretare la tradizione artigianale italiana in chiave moderna, mantenendo vive le tecniche di una manifattura di qualità, in funzione di una donna contemporanea.

This concept is the basis of the creation of each product. Paola Simeone scores
versatile and timeless bags, taking care of each model from the selection of materials used
to the planning and choice of the smallest details.

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«My bags are born from a process of research and collaboration with the best artisan workshops in the Veneto area.

I choose quality leathers and fabrics. I design my bags by designing a clean and contemporary design. I entrust the production to the expert hands of Italian artisans who make them with care and attention to the smallest details.

Each bag becomes a unique piece designed to last over time. Craftsmanship, quality and beauty become the ingredients to create unique values to be worn with style and taste.

I support the work of expert local craftsmen. By collaborating side by side with them, I enrich my skills and fuel my creativity, collection after collection.»

Paola Simeone